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once in a lifetime experiences

Your Icelandic escape

Ultimate Isolation

There's something bold, something daring about being ahead of the curve - getting away while the rest of the world still rests. And we know that it's not enough to just stay in Iceland's finest property, indulging with world-class dining and cocktails by the pool. You'll want something of the unique. 

That's why we've put together the following collection of truly special experiences. Fly out to geometrical vents hidden deep within ice-troubled mountains. Head right into glaciers and volcanoes. And at the end of it all, rest up in a secret, geothermally heated hot spings. 

What's more, you'll get to experience the opposite of the Arctic's polar nights with your dates aligning with the peak of Iceland's midnight sun. Just remember, wherever your interests lie - we will get you there.

Your accomodation

Deplar Farm - Iceland's finest property

Idyllically turf-capped in summer and snow-capped in winter, Deplar Farm combines authentic tradition with what is Iceland's finest accomodation. From humble beginnings as a 18th-century sheep farm, its picturesque clapboard exterior now hides a truly elegant interior. 

Stylish rooms feature reindeer skin covers and hardwood desks, the spa is world-class and nothing is too much trouble for the faultless staff. Even the heated outside pool features its very own bar - perfect for nights spend marvelling at the Northern Lights or midnight sun.

The dining is a special highlight, with multi-course menus spanning from just-caught Arctic char to locally reared lamband informal barbecues. You'll also be treated to the likes of craft beers,  mixologist cocktails and superlative. 

It's all set in an remote valley on top Troll Peninsula that spills down towards the Atlantic Ocean. In winter it's an ideal location for remote skiing, while summer offers a spectacular vision of wild grassy meadows. 

  • 13 en-suite bedrooms
  • Indoor and outdoor salt-water pool with bar
  • Pemium spa facility with sauna, steam room, indoor and outdoor hottubs, flotation tanks and three treatment rooms
  • Gym and yoga room
  • Spa, steam room and gym
  • Outdoor deck with seating
  • Two heli-pads
  • Media room

Wild camping

Alongside your main accomodation we would recommend a night among Iceland's wild remotes in a camp set up and designed exclusively for you. While there are two broad options feautured below, we can tailor either to your precise needs. Both come with a large catering tent, washrooms and a full staf service.

Luxury camp 
Although available to set up in fantastically wild locations, these are the ultimate in comfort camping. Each of these large 16m2 domes are supremely comfortable, feauturing full single or double beds, luxury bedding and even heating. There's even everything from charging stations and bluetooth speakers to wooden flooring and an optional Finnish sauna.

Expedition camp
These specialst tents offer something more adventurous. Despite this, each comes with a comfortable air matress, an Arctic-standard sleeping bag and an expedition pillow,while wool blankets keep things toasty. 

Sample activities
  • Swimming with Guillemots. Usually the preserve of professional documentary makers but we will bring you where they number in the millions.
  • Thundercat race. These 4-metre powerboats offer a true adrenaline thrill.
  • Ice caving. Iceland's underground treasures are innumerable. Armed with crampons and ice axes, discover them yourself and marvel at the stunning formations.
  • Dramatich lunch setup at a lighthouse. Only reachable by helicopter, the Westman Islands' lighthouse is flung right out into the sea. Indulge with a truly 
  • Abseil into a volcano. Subject to volcanic activity. Donning protective, heat-proof gear, rappel down into a sulphurous volcanic crater.
  • Helicopter over an eruption. Subject to volcanic activity. Take to the skies to witness one of nature's greatest shows - a fire-sptting volcano in full flow.
  • Volcano mountain biking. Iceland's agressive topgraphy is perfect for downhill mountain biking, where high-energy is backdropped by gorgeous scenery.
  • Horseback riding. Icelandic horses are iconic, first brought over by Viking settlers in the 9th century. Though small, these diminutive beasts will see you tackle ranging trails through Iceland's spectacular scenery.
  • Quad bike races. Speed over black-sand beaches in a race to the finish over specially constructed courses. 
  • Achery, skeet shooting and laser tag. Among the farm's streams and mountain backdrop, compete against each other in shooting contests and activities that celebrate the child in all of us: laser tag and frisbee golf. 
  • Snowmobile on a glacier. So far elevated, we should be able to roar out over the great expanse of a monolithic glacier. 
  • Formula offroad. Test how brave you really are by scaling near-vertical lava ash and defying the laws of gravity. We'll also build a custom race course so you can settle any scores.
  • Acrtic trucks on a glacier. Explore the endless white expanse of a high glacier on this all-terrain-eight-wheeler.
  • Skydiving. Following an ultra-scenic flight on a fixed wing, leapout over everyting from glaciers and waterfalls to black-sand beaches and geysers.
  • Microbrewery tasting. Let a master brewer talk you through one of the northernmost beer cellars .
  • Offroading in superjeeps. Explore Iceland's winding trails under your own stream before switching offroad to take in barren lava fields and challenging mountain ascents.
  • Heli to volcanic features. From giant glaciers to erupting geysers and crashing waterfalls, our expert pilots can bring you out to enjoy unique meal setups.
  • Coastal kayaking and sups. Dip into remote inlets, plunge through rushing rivers and map cragged coastlines as you spot local bird and marinelife from your craft.
  • Black-sand iceberg beaches. Strike out to a remote volcanic beach where crystalline icebergs wash ashore, forming a fantastically alien landscape.
  • Enter a volcano. After hiking through lava fields, plunge into what feels like the center of the earth, dropping to over 100m to the floor of a crater once filled with magma. You can also explore the wild rock formations of a labyrinthine lava tunnel.
  • Lava tube dinner setup. We'll setup a celebration dinner in a remote cave, carved out by lava flow. Ethereally lit, it's promises a fitting conclusion for a day of unique activities.
  • Ice climbing. With an expert mountain guide, strapon crampons and learn to wild an ice axe, scaling a precipitous cliff before abseiling down.
  • Privitise the Blue Lagoon. With mists shrouding buthtub-warm waters and its milky blue offset by the surrounding lava field, the Blue Lagoon remains an Icelandic icon. Usually busy with tourists, we can look into securing it exclusively for your group, along with its world-class spa.
  • Erupting geysers. Pause for a dramatix lunch setup and watch as these geological wonders erupt five storeys high in front of your very eyes.
  • Kayak on an iceberg lagoon. The glacial lake of Jokulsarlon is a true idyll, dotted with icebergs that calve off from its feeding glacier. You can kayak right among them.
  • Sword-fighting with the mountain. Game of Thrones star and strongest man in the world Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson can show you the secrets to stage fighting before pitting you against one another. 
  • Deep-sea and salmon river fishing. Try your hand at sport angling in the company of competition-winning experts.
  • Local food. Although Nordic cuisine is enjoying something of a culinairy renaissance as showcased by Deplar's world-class chefs, you might want to test your mettle with some local delicasies. Alongside moreish pork ribs, sample petrescent shark meat, sheep's heads and, ahem, ram's testicles. 
  • Microlight over waterfalls. Feel the raw power of nature, experiencing Iceland's wild landscapes from the air plunging down for a closer look at its tallest waterfall - Glymur.
  • Silet whale watching in a tall ship. With zero emissions, an old-world schooner allows you to take these giant cetaceans without disturbing them. Húsavik, near Deplar, is regarded as Europe's whale-watching capital, with multiple species joined by porpoises and dolphins.
  • Puffins on an Artic Island. Heli out to an Island of dramatic and volcanically formed pillars, home to one million seabirds, including oh-so-adorable puffins. 
  • Secret hot springs. We know the remote, undiscovered spots where you can soak up in geothermally heated waters. There's even a few out at sea.
  • Dive between continents. An 18th-century earthquake means that Iceland is the only place in the world that you can dive between two tectonic plates - an experience as impressive as it is humbling.
  • Arctic surfing. The North Atlantic Ocean serves up enviable surf. And, with up to 6mm wetsuits, you'll be able to talk superb right-handers and the odd left break, rubbing should with local pro Heiðar Helguson.
  • Whitewater rafting. Head to the East Glaciel River, where waterfalls provide the torrents for this octane adventure.
  • Paragliding. Take in Iceland's beauty from a bird's eye view, floating between ice-topped mountains on your paraglide descent.
  • Yoga and spa relaxation. After a hard day's exploring return to unwind with expert led-yoga classes and spa treatments. The sensory deprivation tanks are a special highlight.
  • Into a glacier. After taking an all-terrain,ice-equipped expedition vehicle onto its white expanse, descent through man-made tunnels into a millenia-old glacier, charting its age with its walls near-stratified into myriad colours. That's alongside the chance to abseil and climb right among all the crevasses. 

Fly out to geometrical vents hidden deep within ice-troubled mountains. Head right into glaciers and volcanoes. And at the end of it all, rest up in a secret, geothermally heated hot spings. 
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